The gift-giving season is close at hand, and this year, more than ever before, travel may be the very best present you can place for someone under the tree.

Lynn Elmhirst, producer and host of BestTrip TV, explains:

Experiences vs. Things

Study after study shows it, and we know it instinctively ourselves. Our best memories, the best of times, are about experiences, especially shared experiences with loved ones. Not stuff.

How many presents do you yourself remember? Compared to the smile that appears on your face when you think of your favorite travel moments.

Humans are hardwired to cherish the things that travel is all about: new experiences, once-in-a-lifetime moments, meeting new people who are passionate about sharing their culture, talents, and life experiences with you.

There’s something primal about humans wandering in search of new tastes, new horizons, new ways of living and thinking. 

The exploring gene is real. Give your loved ones a new campfire to visit, and new memories to share and remember for a lifetime.

Cherish the Planet, don’t Fill it with Garbage

How many people in your life 'need' anything? Most of us have more stuff than we know what to do with. Even if it’s useful, do we need the newest version? Unnecessary goods become landfill.

Time to step off the object acquisition treadmill and fill our loved ones’ lives with experiences they’ll cherish, not stuff they’ll eventually throw away.

Responsible travel can be sustainable, rewarding… and the best gift of all.

For the Person who has 'Everything'

That’s especially true for 'that' person. The one who says they have 'everything.' Why give them more stuff when you already know they don't want any more of it?

Even the person who has 'everything' still hasn’t experienced everything. Who better to give the gift of travel?

The subcategory of this person is people who are living in small spaces or down sizing. The last thing they need or really want is more things to try to find a place for. Travel is the best way to live large in small spaces.

Sharing your Blessings

The pandemic has been so difficult for so many people. For people and communities and countries whose survival depends on tourism, these have been the most difficult times ever.

By giving the gift of travel, and putting local economies back to work, you can directly share your blessings with hard-working people who rely on travel to support their own families.

What’s more, you can give the gift that also gives back. There are responsible, meaningful travel experiences that allow travelers to directly participate in experiences that build communities, people up, and restore the wonders of Nature.

What could be a more heartfelt gift?

Reaping the Rewards of the Return to Travel

Travel is still just getting restarted again. To inspire us to get back into the travel habit, his year, more than ever before, travel providers are offering seasonal deals we may never see the likes of again.

These bigger and better offers are making the gift of travel - for yourself or for your loved ones - irresistible. From hotels and resorts, air-included packages, cruises and guided tours… the promotions are so good - it’s like a holiday gift to you!

How to Give

There are so many ways to give the gift of travel - to yourself, your immediate, or extended family or friends… even to colleagues or business contacts this holiday season.

Whether you want to plan a specific trip, or get them started on their way, your trusted travel advisor can help you understand all your options and the best ways to give the…


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